Wednesday, 12 October 2011

MonkeyGroomer - Roadmap

The feedback from MonkeyGroomer has been tremendous! That, paired with the announcement of MonkeyGroomer having plans for LUA support, this aims to be a very important release for the Delphi community! Not only will you be able to migrate your VCL and VGScene applications, you will be able to script and convert your own custom components!  So, whats the plan?

This week:
  • Release MonkeyGroomer with Full VGScene support (stable) for public use for free!
  • Release an alpha version with limited VCL support, to test the VCL conversion engine.
Over the next month:
  • Release continual updates with additional VCL and other common controls
  • Set up a community for developers to discuss and share experiences on migrating their projects.
And when that's done:
  • Add Lua4Delphi support
  • Set up a community for developers to share and discuss migrating custom and third party components.
If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at, or follow me on twitter: @PascalCoder

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