Thursday, 15 September 2011

MonkeyGroomer - Action Shots and Component List

Update: MonkeyGroomer 0.1 has been released! Download here!

MonkeyGroomer is a simple application that converts your Delphi VGScene or VCL form files to FireMonkey form files. It will also support VGScene style files.

The upcoming release of MonkeyGroomer Alpha will have support for an incredible amount of components, both for VGScene, VGScene styles, and VCL.
  • MonkeyGroomer supports over 100 VGScene and VCL components
  • In this release, components not supported in the selected project will halt the conversion. (with a helpful message)
  • In the final release, you will have the option of removing unsupported components.
  • The final release will be available as a wizard to simplify migration.
  • Currently the VCL conversion converts specific properties for any component. In a future release the engine will be more discriminatory.
For more information, contact me at

Action Shots

VGScene converted to FireMonkey

VCL Converted to FireMonkey

Supported Components (so far)

(preliminary list)

  • TLabel, 
  • TStringBox, 
  • TEdit,
  • TMemo,
  • TButton

(final list)

  • TvgBackground,
  • TvgBitmapAnimation,
  • TvgBitmapListAnimation,
  • TvgColorAnimation,
  • TvgColorKeyAnimation,
  • TvgFloatKeyAnimation,
  • TvgGradientAnimation,
  • TvgButton,
  • TvgStringListBox,
  • TvgFloatAnimation,
  • TvgTreeViewItem,
  • TvgTextBoxClearBtn,
  • TvgTextBox, 
  • TvgMemo,
  • TvgCalendarTextBox,   
  • TvgComboTextBox,
  • TvgPath,
  • TvgImage,
  • TvgShadowEffect,
  • TvgInnerGlowEffect,
  • TvgGlowEffect,
  • TvgAngleButton, (now TArcDial)
  • TvgTabItem,
  • TvgRadioButton,
  • TvgListBoxItem,
  • TvgCheckBox,
  • TvgCalendarBox,
  • TvgBevelEffect,
  • TvgGroupBox,
  • TvgPopupBox,
  • TvgBlurEffect,
  • TvgCornerButton,
  • TvgReflectionEffect,
  • TvgSpeedButton,
  • TvgDropTarget,
  • TvgImageViewer,
  • TvgGrid,
  • TvgStringGrid,
  • TvgGridLayout,
  • TvgArc,
  • TvgCalloutRectangle,
  • TvgCircle,
  • TvgEllipse,
  • TvgLine,
  • TvgPaintBox,
  • TvgPie,
  • TvgRectangle,
  • TvgRoundRect,
  • TvgText,
  • TvgComboTrackBar,
  • TvgNumberBox,
  • TvgSpinBox,
  • TvgStatusBar,
  • TvgToolBar,
  • TvgTreeView,
  • TvgSizeGrip,
  • TvgFramedVertScrollBox,
  • TvgPlotGrid,
  • TvgCalendar,
  • TvgSelection,
  • TvgSelectionPoint,
  • TvgGridLayout,
  • TvgLayout,
  • TvgScaledLayout,
  • TvgAniIndicator,
  • TvgCalloutPanel,
  • TvgExpander,
  • TvgFramedScrollBox,
  • TvgImageControl,
  • TvgLabel,
  • TvgPanel,
  • TvgProgressBar,
  • TvgScrollBar,
  • TvgScrollBox,
  • TvgSmallScrollBar,
  • TvgSplitter,
  • TvgTabControl,
  • TvgLayout,
  • TvgTrackBar,
  • TvgVertScrollBox,
  • TvgAlphaTrackBar,
  • TvgBWTrackBar,
  • TvgColorBox,
  • TvgColorPanel,
  • TvgColorPicker,
  • TvgColorQuad,
  • TvgComboColorBox,
  • TvgGradientEdit,
  • TvgHueTrackBar,
  • TvgTrack,
  • TvgBrushObject,
  • TvgBitmapObject,
  • TvgPathObject,
  • TvgListBox,
  • TvgThumb


Monday, 12 September 2011

Announcement: MonkeyGroomer - Convert VCL Forms to FireMonkey!

Update: MonkeyGroomer 0.1 has been released! Download here!

I am proud to announce MonkeyGroomer!

MonkeyGroomer is a simple application that converts your VGScene or VCL form files to FireMonkey form files. It will also support VGScene style files.

  • An alpha version will be available shortly! Available now!
  • Most VGScene components have been tested. 
  • Initially, VCL support will be limited, but quickly expanded.
  • A wizard is planned, to make the conversion process simple and painless!
  • Most of the work was done on the form parser and conversion engine. Once support for VCL is complete perhaps this engine will be adapted to support other delphi platforms in the future, possibly using Lua4Delphi! (donate now!)

Special thanks to Simon J Stuart!

For inquiries, please contact me at

Syndicate: Firemonkey Styles

TLDR: Felix Colibri has posted a good tutorial on how to use Firemonkey's styles.
  • abstract : FireMonkey Styles tutorial : changing styles for all or for some selected components.
  • key words : FireMonkey Styles - Style Designer - .STYLE files - StyleLookup - StyleName - FindComponentResource - Predefined Styles - Delphi XE2
  • software used : Windows XP Home, Delphi XE2
  • hardware used : Pentium 2.800Mhz, 512 M memory, 140 G hard disc
  • scope : Delphi XE2
  • level : Delphi developer
  • plan :

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Syndicate: Embarcadero Insider Reveals Update Schedule for Firemonkey

TLDR; Embarcadero employee Michael Swindell reveals that updates will be done for Firemonkey several times per quarter now, then quarterly later.

The product matrix shows that Firemonkey currently supports iOS 4.2. Apple will be introducing iOS 5 shortly. Will Firemonkey be updated to support newer iOS features periodically (eg., iOS 5 and possibly other things)? Or just once-a-year when Delphi is updated?  
Michael Swindell: Yes, since Firemonkey is 1.0 we're going to be updating early, often, and regularly. The first update is well underway, will address a lot of great feedback, and should be out before the end of the month. We are planning updates on a regular cadence, initially several quarterly.   

 (I'd love to see quarterly updates.)  
Michael Swindell: We'll start out updating more often than quarterly, and settle into quarterly updates eventually. Embarcadero is behind FM in a big way, there is a lot of ongoing investment going on into this release, updates, performance enhancements, and future platform/feature support.

Friday, 9 September 2011

Syndicate: TeeChart & Delphi XE2 Support Announcement

TLDR; TeeChart "TeeChart Standard" for VCL and "TeeChart Lite Chart" for FireMonkey. "TeeChart Pro" available soon.
Time we mentioned what we're doing with TeeChart and Embarcadero's RAD Studio XE2!

Steema has been working with the new IDE for some time, preparing both VCL and FireMonkey versions of TeeChart for inclusion in the new programming environment. Agreed versions of RAD Studio XE2 will ship with TeeChart Standard VCL and TeeChart Lite Chart for FireMonkey. Steema are preparing installers for TeeChart Pro that we expect to be ready very soon. We'll be announcing availability of the new installers here; please watch this space. To review the current different versions of TeeChart and how they relate with XE2 please see the Feature Matrix.

Steema team

Your "Reliable" Source for Delphi Technology News

Lately a lot of information about Delphi has been flying around on Twitter, the news, Delphi Feeds, and other news sites. I noticed that although you can get information about Delphi, its pretty hard right now. To help alleviate the issue, I'm going to start a series of reposts that simply serve as a single source for news and information for Delphi.

To follow, simply favorite this link! Syndicate

Monday, 5 September 2011

Delphi XE2 Released!

Delphi XE2 has finally been released!  Very exciting times are ahead, with 64bit, FireMonkey, Moc OS X, and iOS applications!

It is incredibly easy to develop for iOS thanks to FireMonkey. I managed to port a Windows FireMonkey application in a short few hours!

Here is what I have found so far:

  • When you rotate the iOS device, the OnResize event is fired.
  • Without any extra installations, Indy does not work.  Can't find the units in the fpc install.
  • 3D is pretty slow on the iPad 2. Will run a benchmark.
  • No idea how to access iPod library, or pictures, or any other library functionality. 
Ideally extra iOS functionality would be wrapped into different components, and emulated in Delphi. Perhaps this calls for a 3rd party component? 

To celebrate Delphi XE2's release, I am making a series of videos showcasing some new features available in Delphi XE. This first video focuses introduces FireMonkey.