Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Announcement: MonkeyGroomer 0.1 Public Release!

I am proud to announce the public release of MonkeyGroomer 0.1!

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MonkeyGroomer is a simple application that aims to help convert your Delphi projects to FireMonkey projects. Currently only VGScene is supported. It also supports VGScene style files.

  • MonkeyGroomer supports over 100 VGScene classes and components
  • In this release, components not supported in the selected project will halt the conversion. (with a helpful message)
  • In the final release, you will have the option of removing unsupported components.
  • Currently the VCL conversion converts specific properties for any component. In a future release the engine will be more discriminatory.
  • Most VGScene components have been tested. 

  • A wizard is planned, to make the conversion process simple and painless!
  • Most of the work was done on the form parser and conversion engine. Once support for VCL is complete this engine will be adapted to support other delphi platforms and components in the future, using Lua4Delphi! (donate now!)
Special thanks to Simon J Stuart!

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