Monday, 5 September 2011

Delphi XE2 Released!

Delphi XE2 has finally been released!  Very exciting times are ahead, with 64bit, FireMonkey, Moc OS X, and iOS applications!

It is incredibly easy to develop for iOS thanks to FireMonkey. I managed to port a Windows FireMonkey application in a short few hours!

Here is what I have found so far:

  • When you rotate the iOS device, the OnResize event is fired.
  • Without any extra installations, Indy does not work.  Can't find the units in the fpc install.
  • 3D is pretty slow on the iPad 2. Will run a benchmark.
  • No idea how to access iPod library, or pictures, or any other library functionality. 
Ideally extra iOS functionality would be wrapped into different components, and emulated in Delphi. Perhaps this calls for a 3rd party component? 

To celebrate Delphi XE2's release, I am making a series of videos showcasing some new features available in Delphi XE. This first video focuses introduces FireMonkey.

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