Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Delphi Starter Edition - Pave Your Own Road

Delphi XE Starter Edition is the ideal IDE for those who want to develop native applications, but don't have a ton of cash.. *almost*

Don't get me wrong-- Delphi XE Starter Edition is a fantastic IDE! No limitations on 3rd party components (I have VGScene, UniDac, and RO SDK on mine), the full breadth of the pascal language at your fingertips, but theres just one crucial hole that was left open: class completion and templates.

For those of you who are new to Delphi, this makes the difference between spending dozens of minutes frustratingly re-researching the class structure and syntax, or doing a few keystrokes and Delphi doing it for you.

In Delphi XE Pro, Enterprise and Architect SKUs, all you need to do is begin typing your class (or Ctrl-J, and select "class") and Delphi almost paves the road for you.  In Starter, it seems as if the tools are there, but turned off; sitting at the side of the road as you shovel the concrete from the truck onto the gravel. Not a fun experience let me tell you.

Since Starter is a new release, no such tool to fill the void Class Completion filled exists. Hopefully that will be addressed. Other than this issue, Delphi XE Starter can suit most of every developer's needs in Delphi!

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